Corporate & Social Responsibility

Mission Statement

In order to create a successful mining operation in Greenland, we recognise the significant responsibility we have with regards to respecting the home of the local inhabitants, protecting and conserving, to the best of our ability, the environment in which we operate and finally, ensuring we deliver, as best we can, the opportunity to financially transform the area through the creation of jobs on site at the mine and the building of a local port.

Bluejay is committed to attaining its operational targets in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way possible as well as respecting all inhabitants of this remote North Western region of Greenland.

Through the implementation of a training programme exclusively for local residents of the region, Bluejay plans to support employment levels in this traditionally low opportunity area.  The Company intends to train and employ a local team of machinery operators within the wider operational and mining team.

Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety management plans are developed for all Bluejay’s operations, reflecting local applicable laws and regulations, international best practice requirements, regular risk assessments, application of the mitigation hierarchy, and adaptive management processes that emphasise preventing and training to control risks.

Responsible Principles

  • Zero Harm – possible to achieve no matter where we work.
  • No Repeats – all necessary steps will be taken to learn from incidents, audit findings and other nonconformances to prevent their recurrence.
  • Continuous Improvement – essential for our operations; we must learn, adapt, anticipate and prevent issues recurring.
  • Simplicity and Consistency – these are the basis for exceptional performance across our business wherever we work.

Bluejay requires its employees, consultants, contractors, suppliers and subsidiaries to adopt the principles of our occupational Health and Safely policy as a minimum standard.  With the transition from exploration to development and production, Bluejay aims to develop a culture of site safety.


Bluejay is dedicated towards building a team of committed and responsible employees, seeking to treat every individual as a respected and valued member of our community.  Our goal is to build a mine partially run by locally employed staff; through our strategic training programme, management and feedback, we are determined to achieve this goal.


Bluejay is committed to building a lasting positive legacy for those living in the communities where we have the privilege to operate.  We look to support leaders and representatives from all stakeholders on an on-going basis, from holding regular meetings to addressing grievances to carrying out projects that will set the stable foundations for a brighter, healthier future for mining in the favourable jurisdiction of Greenland.

Our community development programme centres on positive planning for the future, which surround these main pillars which look to create change and boost prosperity in the region:

  • Education and Training
  • Health
  • Employment


Bluejay’s commitment to running a responsible mining operation has been demonstrated through the submission of an Environmental Impact Assessment, a Social Impact Assessment and a Pre-Feasibility Study, all of which were compiled over a period of several years where all potential issues, and available solutions were carefully considered and included open discussion with regional stakeholders and the Greenlandic government.


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