Bluejay currently has four projects in Greenland, which it is actively developing.  The Company believes that Greenland represents one of the last under-explored mineral regions that has the potential to contain globally significant resources.

There are multiple positive drivers for its regional focus including:

  • Historic geological studies highlight the potential of this large and under-explored area particularly in north west Greenland where the Company is focusing
  • A low-risk European, pro-mining jurisdiction, facilitating capital allocation from European agencies
  • Strategically located with access to markets of North America & Europe
  • In particular relevance to Dundas, the majority of ilmenite is currently sourced from Africa – this location therefore greatly cuts distance & shipping costs, giving significant competitive advantage

Bluejay benefits from first mover advantage and extensive operational experience in Greenland.


A prospective and underexplored emerging mining destination

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Strategic portfolio of polymetallic assets offers additional upside

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